BIO CORN Bar Soap, Travel Size Hotel Amenities, 1.0oz/28g (Pack of 200)



What is Bio-based plastic?

Bio-based plastic is made from renewable, natural materials. Such as corn, potato, tapioca or wheat starch, bamboo cellulose and sugar cane. Through modification and plasticization, these raw materials are turned into Bio-based plastic, which is an environmental friendly, versatile material with a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

Why we use Bio-based plastic?

The most important thing that Bio- based plastics have over conventional plastics is that they are made from (grown ) crops instead of fossil fuels . This means that increased demand for Bio-based plastics results in decreased demand for fossil fuels .

What we do now?

We’re committed to making products and packaging with the highest possible plant-based content, and we don’t use any additives that have been identified as being potentially hazardous to human health or the environment. We’re not trying to hit a minimum standard. We’re trying to drop-kick fossil fuels and hazardous chemicals out of the products and packaging in our everyday lives.

We believe we can do good for us, for other people, also doing good for our planet. In different way, in better way


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